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Confusion arises from lack of clarity… confusion leads to rage or anger… confusion can result in loss of memory… confusion in life leads to loss in other various ways… troubled and doubting souls are still on the rise… perhaps a step back away from the nonsense of this material world and into the nature can calm and soothe a soul who is still trapped by this life. Perhaps you can truly open up to your potential and shine! meditate on what is good for your highest self, laugh and heal yourself and celebrate in the simplest things in this world. Love yourself unconditionally and by doing so your love will attract peace and guide others too!  So what is the confusion in your life when the simply answer stares in your face daily? Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is confused of them all…. when you look in the mirror what do you see?

Love is the meditation

This week we are facing the conjuction of two mighty planets, Mars and Saturn. Mars the planet of action and aggression, Saturn the hard taskmaster! The last twelve years of my life I felt that Saturn never left me alone! Anyway what will the planets teach us all in the coming weeks…. My best advise to everyone is to think through very carefully of your actions and your thoughts. It would be beneficial to take time out if necessary, and slow down! Whatever lessons are coming to you it will worth it if you are patient and gentle with yourself and others. There may be lessons that probably will repeat itself and obviously for very good reasons. Don’t be too alarmed but breath through whatever you have to face! It may help to journal things down and reflect on them later. Whatever your choice, don’t forget to laugh! and gratitude for all the experiences could pave a new path forward and help you to get out of stuckness. Colour red which is Mars energy will action things but please wear carefully especially if any negative emotions rise, for this can create unnecessary chaos. Good luck !

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Gloomy doomy day, gloomy doomy people wearing doomy gloomy shades of grey !! Seriously loved ones the colours that lights us up, adds bright energy to our aura…I believe these are the more essential wears on days when the weather is having her gloomy day. Now if you are depressed why wear colours that are only going to make you more doomy gloomy? Why not have the willpower and say to Mother Nature and to your mind as well that she is not going to ruin your day? It does not take any more energy to be brightly dressed and feel good but more energy leaks when we are unhappy and depressed. Colours are gifts from heaven to uplift and to energise us. All seven main chakras in our body are made up of all colours of the rainbow. Imagine if we had only black and white colours to work with. how boring ? Bring on the happy bubbles by bringing on the colours that make you feel good and happy, especially on days when you feeling so off. Colours are powerful tools in healing ourselves. It will be wise to experiment and see the benefits of working with colours.  Go on be a sparky !!!

Now if you do choose to be gloomy doomy, don’t steal energy from anyone who is energised and beaming with happiness.  Put away your misery and embrace happy colours, who knows what magic you can create from a simple act of thoughtfulness and love for yourself.

In teaching and learning  opt to have an open mind.  The ego is so strong that it will hinder your growth with a all-knowing attitude. A good teacher is someone who is  not only fair in all cases, but knows the value of laughter and creativity and how much these qualities are necessary for a person’s soul healing, think Baba Muktananda. Away from the ego-mind and our different personalities, when we can connect to the higher source with a child -like wonder is awesome.  The adult with the ego-mind  and his fears make him weak and judgemental. Anyone not willing to take a risk in life is foolish because without mistakes made one can not advance on the journey to understand  about their lives and the Universal mystery. Make mistakes but stay away from the dangerous ones .  If you get in trouble do you know how to get yourself out of it without causing further harm to anyone or to yourself? All is lost without the magic which allows the adventure of living to come alive! Are you bold enough to get out of your comfort zone and become an explorer?

Embrace and surrrender when necessary. Allow your emotions to flow.  Love and forgive for both go hand-in-hand. Use your  inner-wisdom and inner-strength to become your biggest assets. Move away from the body and the material and look deep into the real treasures,  your heart and your soul. Go within. The external can sometimes provide answers but self-reliant strengthens the will and trust in oneself  is heightened with the fact that you can successfully get your own answers.

There are many people who just read a lot and do not take the leap of faith and take action for its in the doing where one’s soul learns and gains the real growth. This is definitely an art in the process of learning with an expanded mind and developing your spiritual strengths. From here on there is no turning back and why would you when the real adventure has just began. Can you make peace with your past? Of course this is not always easy. Are you up for this challenge and be dedicated to a new beginning, especially as the end of 2012 is fast approaching? Time to reflect!

@ copyright 2012 Roshilla Ram –  all rights reserved


In teaching and…

Even though we are heading towards such difficult times, even though there are constant messages, news, incidents that should open our eyes and minds to the value and meanings of our lives, our life purpose, some people are still so full of greed and so attached to the material and the physical. If only faith was a deep component in their selfish lives what a wonderful place this world can be for every soul to live in peace and abundance. Afterall we are all angels and the power to turn our lives around , to love and honour all human beings is essential for the soul growth. Consciously everday without any fear, lust and selfish needless desires we all can achieve so much more, together as a collective consciousness. We are given daily by our heavenly father and heavenly mother opportunities to make the change for humanity to survive and this planet to revive herself. Yet the foolishness of some people is most ugly. The takers of the world have forgotten that all their daily actions get recorded by our angels, and when death comes about they will be shown how they lived their lives and will be judged accordingly. There is a place called HELL, cold, dark , ugly and lifeless. Do you really want to dwell in a place like this or be up in other realms far more happy, light and abundant ? Can you allow your soul to shine ? Are you capable of unconditional love, and not be a taker all the time?
What are you capable off that can make remarkable changes in your life and touch many along the way? Welcome to the real work in this world that is not real…it is never too late to say sorry and ask for courage to do your best towards eternal happiness which benefits all of humanity. You are human , not a beast ! Feed your soul , not your lust !

I am Soul …

Roshilla D. Ram

@2012 copyright Roshilla D. Ram  – all rights reserved


A mother is someone who is LOVING, NURTURING, and ATTENTIVE. A mother understands when it is time for her child to be his/her own person and holds no attachment, possiveness or is manipulative to keep her child by her side for her own selfish reasons. A mother knows that we all belong to NATURE and she is only a VESSEL and fulfilling her role in the DIVINE PLAY called LIFE. A mother does not taunt her children with any forms of negativity but is a TRUE WOMAN time and time again, A mother SACRIFICES her own wants and needs when necessary. She is the DIVINE TEACHER who gently guides her children to live a LIFE OF TRUTH, HONOUR and INTEGRITY. She leads with her HEART, COMPASSION and FORGIVENESS. Her NO is sometimes a LESSON IN LOVE, yet she is DEVOTED  on so many levels. She leads with WISDOM and is ACCCEPTING of our indifference. She is not hate, nor anger but a pillar of TRUE STRENGTH and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE !!! She also sees other children with kind eyes of love, creating BEAUTY and JOY where she goes.

To Motherly Peace which is so essential towards human happiness and World Peace !

Roshilla Ram

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