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Gloomy doomy day, gloomy doomy people wearing doomy gloomy shades of grey !! Seriously loved ones the colours that lights us up, adds bright energy to our aura…I believe these are the more essential wears on days when the weather is having her gloomy day. Now if you are depressed why wear colours that are only going to make you more doomy gloomy? Why not have the willpower and say to Mother Nature and to your mind as well that she is not going to ruin your day? It does not take any more energy to be brightly dressed and feel good but more energy leaks when we are unhappy and depressed. Colours are gifts from heaven to uplift and to energise us. All seven main chakras in our body are made up of all colours of the rainbow. Imagine if we had only black and white colours to work with. how boring ? Bring on the happy bubbles by bringing on the colours that make you feel good and happy, especially on days when you feeling so off. Colours are powerful tools in healing ourselves. It will be wise to experiment and see the benefits of working with colours.  Go on be a sparky !!!

Now if you do choose to be gloomy doomy, don’t steal energy from anyone who is energised and beaming with happiness.  Put away your misery and embrace happy colours, who knows what magic you can create from a simple act of thoughtfulness and love for yourself.

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