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OM GUM GANAPATAYEI NAMAHA ….  ( Salutations to Lord Ganesha )

(Om -Guhm-Guh-Nuh-Puh-Tuh-Yei- Nah-mah-ha)

In Hinduism Lord Ganesha, most of you know of him with a elephant trunk…(: is a deity that  removes obstacles from our lives.  During my spiritual practises I have used the above mantra many times, to clear the mind especially when I have had difficulty dealing with the sub-conscious mind, and trying to get control over thoughts. Our minds can create such havoc on our lives if not controlled,  this was a realisation I made years ago and  as I was not prepared to suffer anymore I took up mantra chanting. At night I sometimes leave the music on with chants on them, to reprogram my sub-conscious, and to relax.  Chanting is just one of the tools towards enlightenment and attracting positive attributes as I have discovered.

Generally 108 times of chanting is norm but go deeper when you can,  this may take you into a trance.  From my experience I find calmness as if I was wrapped  up in a soft warm blanket. I feel most peaceful, happy , alert and elevated. And guidance comes with gentleness.  My day flows better and the trust of spiritual protection I can not explain.  There are times when I have to process things or thoughts  to understand where they come from, like past lives that could be hindering my current growth. With a conscious decision to bring about peace of mind I continue sincerely with this work.  I have also found that by chanting the Ganesha mantra , my base chakra is more balanced.  What are you storing in your base?

You have to go within and find your well of happiness and clarity, therefore take some time and get on with chanting ! You can do this exercise under a tree as well, outside in nature where you will heal as well. Eyes shut or open it does not matter, if you think you will get distracted then by all means close your eyes.  On lunch break this is lovely to recharge or let go.  Trust me my mantras got me through jobs where I was most unhappy. I used to chant silently while working, to keep my balance when egos around me were clashing.

OM MANE PADHE HUM  is a buddhist mantra I have also worked with.  OM SHANTI  is a peace mantra or just OM which is the Universal mantra.

All mantras are powerful way to connect to the source and  its safe. Every mantra delivers what your intention is,  whether you are releasing negative energies or you want to manifest abundance. Consciously make an effort to chant and mediate as often as you can and  with sincere effort you will discover just how valuable this is. Practise ! Practise ! Practice ! until this is like your breath, consciously !  Let your chosen mantra sink in your heart as well, away from ego-mind. A peaceful heart is just as important, and mantras do unite the heart and mind!   If something in your life is worth fighting, this is worth fighting . Does this make sense?

If you trying chanting for the first time, try it for 30 or 40 days and see the results for yourself.  Please remember to ground yourself  before the exercise.

With gratitude and towards a calm healthier mind,

Roshilla Ram.

@ copyright 2012 Roshilla D. Ram  –  all rights reserved


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