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A stranger approached me few weeks ago concerned naturally with the information that 2012 is coming to an end. Is it really ? As he rattled on quoting on what he had read, my mind drifted to many of our brothers and sisters from all the walks of life still asleep and not really taking in the seriousness of what is to come. The world is not coming to an end so rest your mind and your heart, however, those who are not doing the work as in looking to ascend and allowing the Earth to ascend are going to be pushed to step up and embrace the spiritual life and spiritual truth. People tend to procrastinate and leave things to fix in the last moment, will it not be too late by the end of 2012 if we humans are still wasting precious time on things that really do not count but to work towards the development of our spiritual life which is far more important and ought to be in one’s priority to-do-list. I wonder how many of us are going to be frightened and full of regrets when Mother Nature does Her final dance. We have already seen just how powerful Her wrath is. I wonder how many of us are going to be lying on our death beds in fear and trying to pray for forgiveness in the last hour. Will death even come quickly or will some of us suffer and pass away slowly and more painfully? Will you toss and turn in your grave, and cry in shame, and if there no Earth? Will one be able to utter the Divine‘s name on his/her last breath so to able to pass on to a better place as sage’s have done in the past and still today practised by many devotional people too? Well I do not know if this is enough and we will be given the opportunity to do so? What about our actions and thoughts which do not go unnoticed by the Divine, on daily basis these get recorded by the Higher Power, and just because we can not see it does not mean it is not happening. Mankind thinks he can get away with his sins, how foolish can we be? Seriously who wants to go to Hell? Or maybe the soul will be trapped elsewhere, restless and never finding peace and freedom? Will someone help you pass over if this does happen? I have had the opportunity to help souls pass over and much appreciative to be of such service, I saw so much and learnt some spiritual truths. However, I may be allocated to do something else later, I do not have all the answers or what the Divine plans are for me. What I can tell is you do not want to get stuck after death, although you are never alone! Well do you?

As far as my feelings and thoughts are on this matter it is time to take off the blinkers, the countdown that began long, long time ago is starring us in our faces again. The subtle signs were always there but mankind was too wrapped up in his greed and false perceptions to take any notice. This Universe has been patient with Her children but now even HE/SHE is exhausted of watching us destroy this beautiful planet and the crimes we have committed towards others and ourselves. Yet this very moment although so much has happened, mankind still has the chance to turn all his thoughts and actions into love and learn to  live in harmony will all things living and non-living, not just on Earth but the entire Universe and beyond.  A need for great respect and even greater compassion is required, we all must work fully present with open hearts and minds as true spiritual beings, Children of Light to impact those who are the path of great destruction and where we have lost our ways, we must take control. Our lives are not to be taken for granted and it does not matter who you are. You are here to live in peace and abundance but so can everyone else, regardless of where one comes from. The daily challenge is to be mindful of our thoughts and actions, to work consciously and create lots of positive results which feed your soul! Where are your actions and thoughts taking you at the end of this life, and how is your past affecting the present? Some people are too busy worrying about the future when the present lives are such a mess and Earth needs saving. We have to clean out the clutter first from our hearts and minds, our chakras, because you matter, your soul is worth saving, is it not? Do ask yourself what needs to change from here on. Take time to reflect. Your actions against your soul are far more taxing that what you pay the taxman. As end of 2012 is fast approaching where will you run to? The spotlight is on you, following you everywhere you go. One thing is certain death will embrace us all and we are all going to be judged by the Divine accordingly when that time comes. Our souls cannot enter the kingdom of heaven unless it is as light as a feather. Imagine a scale, held by Goddess Maat with your soul on one and a light feather on the other, are the two balanced? I hope this can be the ultimate vision for everyone. What a great achievement this can be, better than a gold medal or a million bucks I say. What’s the point of million bucks when you do not the wisdom to spend it!  Take a good look around you, all the tools necessary to embark on the greatest adventure your soul has chosen for you is available to you, and through the magic ingredient called LOVE, hopefully this tonic still runs in your veins. Mission possible, definitely!

So please take charge and take  your ultimate power back, save your soul for this is where the ultimate freedom lays, unfortunately for some of you this may be your last chance, the flag is waving so stop killing time! This gift of life is everyone’s greatest treasure, why throw it away? What you can do today can make a lot of difference tomorrow. Personally, I know where I’d rather be. When my time to exit this world comes my wish is to die an awakened soul! The thought of how someone is going to pass over can be uncomfortable but the thought of dying a soul that has not reached ascension is far more painful for me. And even after ascension if I choose to come back, I am not coming back as a cockroach, neither should you!

The clock ticks and as they say time waits for no man! Are you resourceful? Do you have a back-up plan? Or do you think you are too far down the gutter? Have you the stubborness in you to go for the LIGHT, you know this is where your attitude can make a whole lot of difference, kicking and screaming! (:

Best wishes as always,

Peace be with you!

Roshilla Ram

@copyright 2012 Roshilla Ram – All Rights Reserved


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