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In this modern times life is stretched to the max for most .  The heavy burden of debt, daily cost of living and the other material things makes us run towards creating more wealth .  For many their life styles is so important that the value of other human lives is not  worth a penny or breath to be wasted on. Day in and day out the same saga deepens.  While the rich are getting richer the poor are still struggling for the basics.  Having a large sum of money is not going to bring the happiness as so many people think.  Money only makes living a little easier, it does not stop problems from occuring in our daily lives.  It does not matter who you are, when judgement knocks at your consciouness, where is the peace of mind when love which is the most important quality we all need is not there?

Ambition is good but at what cost?  Surely greed nor power is worth the loss of what one’ soul may have to endure in the face of humility…. So back to our heart’s and to the peace of mind that this universe is abundant !!! I believe when we have learnt the lessons we have had master in this lifetime, Spirit that has watched us all along, is kind and fulfilling to our wishes. What we need is patience not impatience because this energy only makes things difficult.   Dreams can come true …. It is here in this moment  living in faith and a peaceful mind and true courage that will prove just how blessed we all are.  When the compassionate heart rules and respects all beings and learns to live in harmony the real magic will prevail.  When we can put aside our own agendas and embrace our spiritual quest and quench our spiritual thirst without selfishness, our paths will be nothing but full of joy and internal optimism and true abundance.

We, human beings are capable of great deeds, so we do lose sight of who we truly are? Why do we entertain the thoughts of lack? Why do we abuse others and ourselves? Why these restlessness that in the end does not serve anyone? Why can’t we all live a life of abundance because in reality we are love and love is abundance… do you think you can shift into this gear, flip that switch and really get on with ourselves and others which is meaningful in so many ways.  There are options, which way will you go? Flight or fight or your Peace of Mind….

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