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In teaching and learning  opt to have an open mind.  The ego is so strong that it will hinder your growth with a all-knowing attitude. A good teacher is someone who is  not only fair in all cases, but knows the value of laughter and creativity and how much these qualities are necessary for a person’s soul healing, think Baba Muktananda. Away from the ego-mind and our different personalities, when we can connect to the higher source with a child -like wonder is awesome.  The adult with the ego-mind  and his fears make him weak and judgemental. Anyone not willing to take a risk in life is foolish because without mistakes made one can not advance on the journey to understand  about their lives and the Universal mystery. Make mistakes but stay away from the dangerous ones .  If you get in trouble do you know how to get yourself out of it without causing further harm to anyone or to yourself? All is lost without the magic which allows the adventure of living to come alive! Are you bold enough to get out of your comfort zone and become an explorer?

Embrace and surrrender when necessary. Allow your emotions to flow.  Love and forgive for both go hand-in-hand. Use your  inner-wisdom and inner-strength to become your biggest assets. Move away from the body and the material and look deep into the real treasures,  your heart and your soul. Go within. The external can sometimes provide answers but self-reliant strengthens the will and trust in oneself  is heightened with the fact that you can successfully get your own answers.

There are many people who just read a lot and do not take the leap of faith and take action for its in the doing where one’s soul learns and gains the real growth. This is definitely an art in the process of learning with an expanded mind and developing your spiritual strengths. From here on there is no turning back and why would you when the real adventure has just began. Can you make peace with your past? Of course this is not always easy. Are you up for this challenge and be dedicated to a new beginning, especially as the end of 2012 is fast approaching? Time to reflect!

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In teaching and…


If something here does not make sense, open your heart, the head often gets in the way of the truth…our egos are so strong… as in Bhagvate Gita, Lord Krishna said ” MAKE YOUR MIND YOUR BEST FRIEND “… (:

If something he…

The devil laughs while we are  tied to the chains of fear and darkness. The angels wait patiently to guide us !!!  Reach out and take their hands, what have you got to loose?  What is your fear? The fear to heal or the unknown ? Or are you afraid to embrace your truth ? I guess at the end of the day one must question if we are here to lead an abundant life or a life of misery. I once had someone say that a person can be contend in sadness and in pain… I truly believe that each and every soul wants peace and happiness regardless of where they are on the path.  Now what does your soul long for?

The devil laugh…


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