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A mother is someone who is LOVING, NURTURING, and ATTENTIVE. A mother understands when it is time for her child to be his/her own person and holds no attachment, possiveness or is manipulative to keep her child by her side for her own selfish reasons. A mother knows that we all belong to NATURE and she is only a VESSEL and fulfilling her role in the DIVINE PLAY called LIFE. A mother does not taunt her children with any forms of negativity but is a TRUE WOMAN time and time again, A mother SACRIFICES her own wants and needs when necessary. She is the DIVINE TEACHER who gently guides her children to live a LIFE OF TRUTH, HONOUR and INTEGRITY. She leads with her HEART, COMPASSION and FORGIVENESS. Her NO is sometimes a LESSON IN LOVE, yet she is DEVOTED  on so many levels. She leads with WISDOM and is ACCCEPTING of our indifference. She is not hate, nor anger but a pillar of TRUE STRENGTH and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE !!! She also sees other children with kind eyes of love, creating BEAUTY and JOY where she goes.

To Motherly Peace which is so essential towards human happiness and World Peace !

Roshilla Ram

If truth be told every human being in his or her right mind wants to their best at least with few things in their lives. I  was told few of us come  from the stars, is that a wonder that we wish upon stars … To be our very best requires must effort. Certain people have posed a lot of difficulties, many have and will continue to create obstacles in the name of sheer jealousy and competition.

Abuse can also come in the form of violence to keep your spirit from soaring to the great heights.. And your gifts of prophecy may be totally misunderstood.

But to shine one has to let go off a lot of debris that hangs around us, e.g fear, guilt, attachment, lust, greed, envy, jealousy , anger. We shine when we break these chains that hold us back… We shine with love when we can accept others as part of ourselves too !!!  We shine because in our hearts there is  forgiveness and compassion…

We can all shine because we are beings pf light !!!  Why does mankind think otherwise? Why make things difficult for others and for themselves…if you have held back in anyway,  it is time to rise and take  back what is yours.. and I am not talking about abuse of any sort..for that is the work of the weak .


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