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What you hold in your heart reflects on your face…

What you hold in your body creates pain…

Your body is wise… the body  also knows how to heal itself …Add ingredients like peace and gentleness to your wellness…Spice it up with extra compassion and forgiveness…toss in loads of laughter …


Your health is in your hands says your  wise body…(:

We are aware that at times  the task of keeping situations  light in our lives can be tiresome and very difficult, for underneath in our hearts, mind and soul there are memories or pain and trauma are so alive.  In meditation or other things are around us can trigger what we would rather not deal with, or nor remember at all.  If a situation has raised its ugly head again, forge ahead as signs that it may be time to let go !!! Dig in a little deeper and trust in yourself and what messages are coming from Nature… Strive for light and a new hope that ignites the desire for a transformation of your life !!!  Be the light being who is resilient and fun as well !!! Allow laughter and acceptance becomes easy.  All can be forgiven and forgotten… no need for excess baggage !!! (:


People need an IDENTITY

People are fighting for their LAND

The past hurts have resurfaced again…

MOTHER NATURE watches silently

Amongst all the chaos and bloodshed

Her PRESENCE is lost…

She unleashes  her WRATH

And Her Children have no where to run…

Her message is clear

This Earth Belongs To Divinity

We are visitors here

RESPECT we must our HOME as ONE !!!

Most people I know are very fond of their pets, and this is great to see. However, there are some beings who really take this gift of love for granted. I am speaking to those who mistreat their pets and other animals. What if  the roles were reversed? One day God decides to alter things a bit… Once you were human, now a pet and  to make things a little bit more interesting , your owner now is that same animal you mistreated once. And you remember everything ,  the cruelty you lashed out…

I had a run in with a local  last year on Glebe Point Rd who was pulling so hard on the dogs chain , I almost thought he would have broken her neck. The more he yelled and pulled , the more she refused to move. She was looking for some softness which was  quite apparent, the look in her eyes said it all !!!  And as for the owner… well I have not seen him since then…

Please love and respect all creatures big or small…The pain we dish out to anyone always comes back to harm us, in some form at some point in life.

A man walks in his house, slams the door hard… he carries within him anger and frustration from the day or before… The poor door says, ” dude, I am not to be blamed,  lost you are in your thoughts that are harming you and may impact others unfairly too…”

The lady of the house has issues too… she rushes to the kitchen tired, stressed, angry to prepare a meal for her family… her mind is on things that can be resolved later. The energy that she puts in her cooking is harmful, the  flavour  of the day is TOXIC !!!

A passenger sits on the bus or train assuming that the seat is empty. but is it really… the person before sitting there was in agony, and full of negative emotions. He energetically leaves behind a lot of that gross energy that you have now attracted in your energy field/aura. How will your day unfold from here on? Are you aware of the energies that are floating around you or even the ones that you are leaving behind…

You have the answers !!!


If something here does not make sense, open your heart, the head often gets in the way of the truth…our egos are so strong… as in Bhagvate Gita, Lord Krishna said ” MAKE YOUR MIND YOUR BEST FRIEND “… (:

If something he…

I AM … I am a funny little vegemite… just kidding… well really I am fun,laughter and joy!!!  I am love !!!

I am at the end of the day I can be who ever I want to be, right?  I am the endless spirit of …….

Recently while I was doing my affirmations I simply repeated “I AM” over and over  and over again… I was astonished  at how much my energy has changed… you must try this in your own time and space., either mentally or loudly…and maybe the whole family can join in…


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