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I sometimes feel a lot of women in our society need to be trained to be a true woman,  mother, friend, lover, teacher… Many have abused in the past and to this day because of their past hurts not dealt with and healed, often those near and dear tend to suffer such as their children and their partners. This is not an art of beauty or the divine feminine energy which is their  true and rightful power from the Source. A power that is now so unbalanced which has crushed their softness and taken away the meaning of what it means to be a beautiful woman. Where are they in their hearts and their minds may be a mystery  yet in other ways it is still clear to the world that they are still on the path of destruction. No amount of heavy  make-up or  fancy attire they wear can hide this fact from those who understand how energy works, the masks do come off eventually and it is painful to witness  that these women have forgotten they are vessels of love first and foremost.

I honestly feel it is time we can do without blaming men as we have for so many centuries, and to this present time and embrace the fact that we are WOMAN, a creative force that truly is so loving, soft and forgiving, caring and all other qualities that make us just that, the Divine Shakti.  This is your sacred relationship with your soul. Why put this on-line and for what ?  Working with love is the answer, not being like a man because this is a man’s world is a dangerous attitude? This world belongs to both sexes, what we need is respect for each other, not power play. We need as woman to support other woman, not the unhealthy competition and cruelty.  Women need to be centred in their hearts, and understand their first role is that of love. Controlling mothers/women are out. Abusive mothers /women are out.  Takers are out, and God have mercy on those who practise dark magic.  Back to open compassionate hearts and knowledge of their spiritual makeup  should be embraced fully  and this is a very attractive trait to have. Centred in this truth women blossom and radiate great power and beauty and this awesome energy also rubs on their children.  Women/mothers who choose to embark  on their journey of being a True Divine Feminine,  claim back their power through love, protecting their young, nurturing them, and loving all things equally, not the other way around.  And what of your inner-child? Does she have a say in this? Why waste any precious time dwelling on the past.  For those who have yet to catch up , forgive and plant seeds of compassion and deep understanding of knowledge and light to embark on a journey that will determine your prosperous future because you have the heart and the strength of a lioness to do so. Your dedication and determination here is important as your survival as a  strong loving woman.

When you make this conscious decision know the Great Spirit will joyfully aid you. You are not alone in this battle . Next time when a man is soft and tender pay attention also, it is embarrassing if a man has to remind the old and the gray or the modern woman/mother what softness is. The Universe is also creatively reminding you of your worth as a wonderful woman who is lost. I know  I am speaking to your soul, and some women may find this very hard to digest. If  yet after so much has happened you continue playing games,  you are actually hurting yourself . We need to appreciate that being a female is a great blessing and understand what this really means. Please meditate on this. This is vital for your happiness and how you think and what your thoughts and actions are also creating in your life,  and the nasty energies that gets sent out into the world also reaches our Earth Mother who is another woman!  Be nice !!!

Hopefully  when we make the necessary changes man will also learn to shape up! There would be no reason to complain if things are in harmony with us women (: I believe  men want a good women in their lives and women long for true love, despite their beasts within. This can be tamed.  This is not out of anyone’s reach,  just few realities to acknowledge and adjustments needs to take place.  There is great joy in this. So sisters of this world please take time to contemplate and get on board the ship for everlasting happiness! Choose to change and shine as real goddesses do, with a healthy attitude we are all winners ! Remember love creates more love…

I am strength, the power of a true woman… I am love …

@2012 copyright roshilla ram, all  rights reserved


Even though we are heading towards such difficult times, even though there are constant messages, news, incidents that should open our eyes and minds to the value and meanings of our lives, our life purpose, some people are still so full of greed and so attached to the material and the physical. If only faith was a deep component in their selfish lives what a wonderful place this world can be for every soul to live in peace and abundance. Afterall we are all angels and the power to turn our lives around , to love and honour all human beings is essential for the soul growth. Consciously everday without any fear, lust and selfish needless desires we all can achieve so much more, together as a collective consciousness. We are given daily by our heavenly father and heavenly mother opportunities to make the change for humanity to survive and this planet to revive herself. Yet the foolishness of some people is most ugly. The takers of the world have forgotten that all their daily actions get recorded by our angels, and when death comes about they will be shown how they lived their lives and will be judged accordingly. There is a place called HELL, cold, dark , ugly and lifeless. Do you really want to dwell in a place like this or be up in other realms far more happy, light and abundant ? Can you allow your soul to shine ? Are you capable of unconditional love, and not be a taker all the time?
What are you capable off that can make remarkable changes in your life and touch many along the way? Welcome to the real work in this world that is not real…it is never too late to say sorry and ask for courage to do your best towards eternal happiness which benefits all of humanity. You are human , not a beast ! Feed your soul , not your lust !

I am Soul …

Roshilla D. Ram

@2012 copyright Roshilla D. Ram  – all rights reserved


We are aware that everyday there are certain spiritual lessons we have to learn. From the time you are awake till the bedtime, the balance of nature not only watches over you but your role is equally important. How has this week unfolded for you? Did you get the results you were after? Your attitude to everything around you and yourself may have been the biggest challenge set out for you?  There could have lessons around patience and on several occasions you were delayed and frustrated with circumstances beyond your control. If you had paid attention that during this time you were being constantly bombarded with such activites, to a point that you lost your cool maybe you would have had the aha moment ! (:  maybe a  little voice would have said ” BE PATIENT “… However, you completely missed this lesson.

There would  have been others who had to learn lessons around judgement,  compassion , forgiveness, self-love, humility, trust , watch your thoughts , maybe time out to rest etc . Will you be given another chance?  The question is will you listen to your daily messages? Can you once again rise to the occasion and welcome the lessons your soul has to learn and to strengthen so you can have the peace of mind and feel empowered. This empowerment that leads to your soul to heavenly glories.  Can you be grateful for your daily challenges without reacting ?

I must tell you that your conscious effort is required 100%, you must be alert to the messages and signs before you.  You will be presented with another test, for lessons not learnt will come around, all part of your karmic contract.  No one said it was going to be easy.  But also know this Divinty does not give you any challenges you can not handle. So let your heart and inner-strength  guide you again,  knowing that nothing is impossible  if you are determined and focussed to make your mark,  be the spiritual warrior you are….so next week eyes and ears open, slow down, breathe and above all trust !!!

Along the way celebrate  you wins for this is important too, with gratitude of course. (: as you know by now gratitude keeps your heart open and with an open doorway to heaven all beautiful dreams and visions come true gracefully. Could this be your lesson today? (:

Love and light always,


I am love, I am light and I am free.. Roshilla Ram

@ 2012 copyright Roshilla Ram – all rights reserved


A mother is someone who is LOVING, NURTURING, and ATTENTIVE. A mother understands when it is time for her child to be his/her own person and holds no attachment, possiveness or is manipulative to keep her child by her side for her own selfish reasons. A mother knows that we all belong to NATURE and she is only a VESSEL and fulfilling her role in the DIVINE PLAY called LIFE. A mother does not taunt her children with any forms of negativity but is a TRUE WOMAN time and time again, A mother SACRIFICES her own wants and needs when necessary. She is the DIVINE TEACHER who gently guides her children to live a LIFE OF TRUTH, HONOUR and INTEGRITY. She leads with her HEART, COMPASSION and FORGIVENESS. Her NO is sometimes a LESSON IN LOVE, yet she is DEVOTED  on so many levels. She leads with WISDOM and is ACCCEPTING of our indifference. She is not hate, nor anger but a pillar of TRUE STRENGTH and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE !!! She also sees other children with kind eyes of love, creating BEAUTY and JOY where she goes.

To Motherly Peace which is so essential towards human happiness and World Peace !

Roshilla Ram

OM GUM GANAPATAYEI NAMAHA ….  ( Salutations to Lord Ganesha )

(Om -Guhm-Guh-Nuh-Puh-Tuh-Yei- Nah-mah-ha)

In Hinduism Lord Ganesha, most of you know of him with a elephant trunk…(: is a deity that  removes obstacles from our lives.  During my spiritual practises I have used the above mantra many times, to clear the mind especially when I have had difficulty dealing with the sub-conscious mind, and trying to get control over thoughts. Our minds can create such havoc on our lives if not controlled,  this was a realisation I made years ago and  as I was not prepared to suffer anymore I took up mantra chanting. At night I sometimes leave the music on with chants on them, to reprogram my sub-conscious, and to relax.  Chanting is just one of the tools towards enlightenment and attracting positive attributes as I have discovered.

Generally 108 times of chanting is norm but go deeper when you can,  this may take you into a trance.  From my experience I find calmness as if I was wrapped  up in a soft warm blanket. I feel most peaceful, happy , alert and elevated. And guidance comes with gentleness.  My day flows better and the trust of spiritual protection I can not explain.  There are times when I have to process things or thoughts  to understand where they come from, like past lives that could be hindering my current growth. With a conscious decision to bring about peace of mind I continue sincerely with this work.  I have also found that by chanting the Ganesha mantra , my base chakra is more balanced.  What are you storing in your base?

You have to go within and find your well of happiness and clarity, therefore take some time and get on with chanting ! You can do this exercise under a tree as well, outside in nature where you will heal as well. Eyes shut or open it does not matter, if you think you will get distracted then by all means close your eyes.  On lunch break this is lovely to recharge or let go.  Trust me my mantras got me through jobs where I was most unhappy. I used to chant silently while working, to keep my balance when egos around me were clashing.

OM MANE PADHE HUM  is a buddhist mantra I have also worked with.  OM SHANTI  is a peace mantra or just OM which is the Universal mantra.

All mantras are powerful way to connect to the source and  its safe. Every mantra delivers what your intention is,  whether you are releasing negative energies or you want to manifest abundance. Consciously make an effort to chant and mediate as often as you can and  with sincere effort you will discover just how valuable this is. Practise ! Practise ! Practice ! until this is like your breath, consciously !  Let your chosen mantra sink in your heart as well, away from ego-mind. A peaceful heart is just as important, and mantras do unite the heart and mind!   If something in your life is worth fighting, this is worth fighting . Does this make sense?

If you trying chanting for the first time, try it for 30 or 40 days and see the results for yourself.  Please remember to ground yourself  before the exercise.

With gratitude and towards a calm healthier mind,

Roshilla Ram.

@ copyright 2012 Roshilla D. Ram  –  all rights reserved


Please take time to ponder on this…Do you truly know who the biggest losers are in this society? Is it really that fat person on TV or the fat neighbour ridened by guilt? Our society is full of people who STEAL from each other everyday.  Observe !  This stealing or cry of sin can come in various forms. Some go for money, power, house, land, your identity, ideas, your energy, how about your man or  your woman and the stolen children,  your life or someone else’s, your clients etc etc? How about your childhood and innocence destroyed by people you once trusted? Is this the worst form of betrayal any person encounter?  Are you familiar with  this one, mothers who are jealous of their daughters, and mothers who are too attached to their sons. Does this ring a bell? Who are the real biggest losers in society? Can you identify anyone in your close circle who is an energy vampire?  Do you have within yourself to turn inwards or will you turn away… what will be your choice?  Place yourself in the centre of a circle, with people who are close to you closet to you, followed by those from work,  and public… what do you notice? On one level every one is hurting or harbouring some form of energy they want to hide. But what is common among all of us, we all the ability to reach out and help someone through love ! We can all forgive ! We can all be the masters of our lives ! Because there is a Universal thread that binds us together regardless of our backgrounds.

In a society that is already so spiritually evolved, many people think that they are invincible and above cosmic law and  cosmic justice. The masks they wear will one day be unmasked and ripped off in unexpected ways, for the veils are slowly being lifted. The power of light is far more stronger than darkness. Truth can not be hidden for too long ! There will be some nasty surprises if a conscious decision to change  their bad attitudes and behaviours is not taken on board.  Time is of essence.  In this journey where we are trying to understand and release our selves from the burden of the material, the need to search our hearts and souls is a vital tool to be winners, and not a big loser walking the path of destruction.  There is no need for fear and control, manipulation, and greed.  Anything gained for self-gratification will not last!  so what if you come from nothing, or have missed out on opportunities. A life that is built on unconditional love, compassion, faith, integrity and courage is so much better than the one on false pretences, and taking from others. What is not yours is not be tampered with.  What is owed to you will come your way when you are ready. Hardwork rather then laziness has its own rewards that are everlasting. Don’t wait for the Universe slap, take initiative and put your best foot forward, make conscious decision to bring about the transformation you need for your own success story, your love story of your victory over your negative traits.  This sounds really good to me and I hope it does you for you too !

Love n light,

Roshilla D Ram

I surrender, I bloosom ...

A man who has great knowledge  and wisdom of a spiritual life is a man who is far more richer than someone who values and worships the material.

The materialist person can not take his goods to heaven (: for the soul is the only thing that lives after death. and a person’s soul should be light and full of eternal wisdom.  This serves you well especially when you are reincarnated,  Your soul’s lessons never die but enhance and aid the rest of your physical life. Life purpose does persent itself sooner or later and you soul will learn new lessons when presented by life.

So value what counts and these are the qualities that make you richer on a spiritual level. Material has its place but never above love can it reign.

If you have been asleep it is time to wake up  and enrich your life in a most powerful way possible. You have so much to gain, afterall who wants pain, misery and poverty life after life, and live a poor soul !!!

Allow your soul to speak to you…and elevate your energy to another level , away from the entrapments of this physical and the material world but strengthen your spirit to real freedom. Allow your inner-child to play, for he/she has so much to say. Release all forms of attachments for they only bring misery. If anything make your soul rich, an awakened soul !.

With much love and light,

@ copyright 2012 Rochilla Ram – all rights reserved


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When you have thoughts of negativity do you ever stop and wonder if this is really what you are about, or is this the hidden fire of your ancestoral blood over taking your life? Or have you attracted an entity unknown to you?

When awareness kicks in what steps are you prepared to go the extra mile to deal with this situation so that no harm can be done to you or anyone else around you?

Will you…

(a) tackle your creativity and see the light

(b) get outside help, see a spiritual guru or healer, read self- help books

(c) tune into your inner-warrior and hit the gym

(d) just don’t care and turn to drugs and alcohol, follow the path of destruction with your buddy devil , the ugly monster, knowing very well that HE is destined to burn in the fires of hell …


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