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Have you looked around at the teenage school girls and what they are wearing to school? Make-up and fashion have become part of the look? The school dresses are getting shorter and shorter and with all that make -up, they actually look older…there is a time and place for everything, would you not agree? Why are these girls in such a hurry to grow up? Lost teenagers or the sick pressure of the fashion world or we are parents, adults do not really care the path our teenage girls are trending on? Is our schooling system failing our future generation, is our government turning a blind eye as well?

This made me think about my schools days in Fiji and the fact that maybe I am a little old fashioned to some extent. In my school days the dresses were up to knee-length, no make-up and the only piece of jewellery allowed were a pair of very simple earrings, no long nails or nail vanish and the hair had to be tied back.  Simplicity and respect for the school and for different cultures was presented by all students. It did not matter if mummy or daddy were rich or politicans. We all had to dress the same and maintain the codes. Getting an education was not taken for granted, and there was discipline and respect for teachers and fellow students. We also had sunday rituals for students who were interested in advancement towards spirituality.  Although I may say a lot of what I know today was not taught. Things were kept simple yet effective for those who took heart and courage and saw the value in it.  Because of these teachings and the disciplinary system many of the girls I know have done well for themselves. Their vision was different. Maybe because of their individual circumstances, maybe because there were not spoilt and had not  been given a lot of freedom.

It is free will for every nation to do what they please but at what price when our young are so influenced by the modernisation which is slowly eroding the soul. Parents need to open their eyes too and maybe we all need to reeducate ourselves. What’s happening in the home environments or in schools ? When was the last time you had a heart to heart with your teenage girls? Teen time is difficult when there are so many changes going on, and I relate to my days , vulnerability was on top of the list. Our teens need clear guidance.

I am not saying that we have be too hard on them, but I feel this society is so out of balance and if we do not protect our children we do not deserve to focus on a happy future, because without the foundation that is strong and firm all will be lost, there is no bright future without healthy minds and strong happy hearts. This is something teenagers also need to understand, and  also not take things for granted.

My deepest hopes and prayers for all, no matter where you are, what colour or race, all children, yours and others need love and protection, not exploitation!!!

I have been writing for a while and I am grateful to be in this zone where self-expression and wisdom may seem easy. However, behind this door the truth is so different…here I am alone with this laptop, my partner a friend says … and so much has happened this week.I am sure you all have had your moments to cherish. I know this in my heart that the changes we are all going through will only in time prove to be most empowering and life changing . Change is important and change happens everday, within ourselves or our eternal world. Having no expectations and trying to stay positive and calm makes this transition a lot more gentle.

When I have fallen behind in my work, I have to remind myself that I can only do what comes from above.  Being hard on myself is not ideal for me anymore.  My higher self and my guides already have things mapped out for me.  This does not mean that I am totally relying on them, but there are times when events unfold and I have to surrender…(:

I have also learnt that patience with all things around me is vital. This aries fire that sometimes burns too brightly and wants things done now is not appropriate, my mind has to find the balance and stillness and often, depending on the circumstances I can dive into my creativity…

There is a great deal of inner-wisdom in all of us. What is it in your life at this moment that needs nurturing or to be released? Do you have space in your mind for something new? A spark of light and hope that can bring you closer to your dream perhaps?

Well for me right now I am grateful that my laptop is finally fixed (: and I am embarking on a different journey in couple of months… now I have time to watch Henry VIII , a little bit of history and love to you all.  xxxx Roshilla

There is a special place in hell for women who are jealous of other women…

There is also a very special place for parents who hurt and abuse their children… a child, his spirit belongs to Divinity.. an adult must remember that by damaging the property of God his sins won’t wash away that easily!  This child may be also the one who will look after you in your old age… so dear parents and parents to be, be warned !!!

In this modern times life is stretched to the max for most .  The heavy burden of debt, daily cost of living and the other material things makes us run towards creating more wealth .  For many their life styles is so important that the value of other human lives is not  worth a penny or breath to be wasted on. Day in and day out the same saga deepens.  While the rich are getting richer the poor are still struggling for the basics.  Having a large sum of money is not going to bring the happiness as so many people think.  Money only makes living a little easier, it does not stop problems from occuring in our daily lives.  It does not matter who you are, when judgement knocks at your consciouness, where is the peace of mind when love which is the most important quality we all need is not there?

Ambition is good but at what cost?  Surely greed nor power is worth the loss of what one’ soul may have to endure in the face of humility…. So back to our heart’s and to the peace of mind that this universe is abundant !!! I believe when we have learnt the lessons we have had master in this lifetime, Spirit that has watched us all along, is kind and fulfilling to our wishes. What we need is patience not impatience because this energy only makes things difficult.   Dreams can come true …. It is here in this moment  living in faith and a peaceful mind and true courage that will prove just how blessed we all are.  When the compassionate heart rules and respects all beings and learns to live in harmony the real magic will prevail.  When we can put aside our own agendas and embrace our spiritual quest and quench our spiritual thirst without selfishness, our paths will be nothing but full of joy and internal optimism and true abundance.

We, human beings are capable of great deeds, so we do lose sight of who we truly are? Why do we entertain the thoughts of lack? Why do we abuse others and ourselves? Why these restlessness that in the end does not serve anyone? Why can’t we all live a life of abundance because in reality we are love and love is abundance… do you think you can shift into this gear, flip that switch and really get on with ourselves and others which is meaningful in so many ways.  There are options, which way will you go? Flight or fight or your Peace of Mind….

@copyright 2012 Roshilla Ram all rights reserved


This erractic weather,

Earth shift,

Huge changes loom upon us

Shiver, Shiver

Whispers the cold chilly wind

There is no place to run and hide

Let go off the old and worn you must

Embrace and nurture the new

March with the beat of Mother Earth

With new found joy and faith renewed

An awakenened soul as destiny smiles upon you….

Your thoughts will come and go…

Your thoughts that imprison you..

This ugly ghost that follows you…

Cut out its claws,  these hooks of sabotage…

Rise up , empowered to a brand new you…

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